Mensa-Heating Power Cable 6m

Mensa-Heating Power Cable 6m

Looking for a power cable replacement for your Mensa-Heating Patio Heater? Look no further! Our brand-new 6m power cable is the perfect solution to keep your outdoor space warm and cozy. Upgrade your patio heater and enjoy the ultimate comfort in style. Don’t miss out on this essential accessory!


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Mensa-Heating Power Cable 6m

Are you in need of a new 6m power cable for your Mensa-Heating Patio Heaters? Your search ends here! Our power cables are specifically designed to meet the power outlet requirements of all Mensa Heating products. For optimal performance, ensure that your patio heater is connected to a power outlet with ground (GND). Say goodbye to power cable worries and enjoy the cozy warmth of your patio heater with our reliable and top-quality power cables.

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